Tuesday, August 24, 2010

“Think about a time in your life when you had an accident, a physical accident, and write a simple and straightforward account of it. Just write what happened without embellishment or analysis…” 
Louise Doughty A Novel in a Year

I had just worked a long shift at a fine dining restaurant in the theatre district.  After closing, I headed to the basement to drop off my deposit and change out of my tuxedo. As I descended the first set of the industrial metal stairs, I noticed they were wet and remembered thinking ‘I hope I don’t fall.’ Moments later I felt my tired legs slip out from underneath me, and rise above of my head until gravity brought me down hard on the edge of the last step. I laid there a moment on the dirty damp final step of the middle landing, wondering if I should move.

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  1. When I was nine my mother, sister and I were riding in the back set of the Chevy with my grandparents up front. It was a crisp February day and the road was clear, but all of a sudden my grandmother shouted "there's a patch of ice". My grandfather hit the brakes and the car begin to spin. The next thing I remember my grandmothers door opened, and I kept wondering why she would open her door. Then there was a crash, as we hit a tree, and I saw my grandfather had slid out the open door and
    was on the ground. My mother and sister had cuts and were bleeding, I seemed to be alright, but found myself screaming and thinking-- this can't be real.