Monday, August 9, 2010

“The day after my eighth birthday, my father told me…” Louise Doughty A Novel in a Year

The day after my eighth birthday, my father told me the details of a murder case he was investigating. At an early age, I knew there were bad people in the world that did bad things and when our phone rang at midnight, my father had to go witness the crime scenes. Until that day, the one following my eighth birthday, I thought these crimes would never affect my life.

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  1. The day after my 8th birthday, my pop told me, "Son, it ain't gonna rain no more." Now some might expect this to mean that the weather was shitty. But my birthday is in March and rain would have been much preferable to the 3 feet and counting of snow accumulating. While others might take the statement to some philosophical extreme and conclude that my pop somehow spontaneously got rid of his blues. But really, what he was telling me, was that he had prostate cancer.