Tuesday, August 17, 2010

“Telling and showing: the difference between a purely informational statement and one that attempts to add a human aspect to its repertoire and, in doing so, includes the reader either emotionally or physically.

Write the same statement one informational and “one in attempt to include the reader by engaging him on a personal level.” Walter Mosley This Year You Write Your Novel

  1. My father is a forensic scientist that has seen many horrific things in his lifetime. 
  2. My father is a 6 foot 3 tall wide-shouldered man with a calm demeanor. His somber manner may be the only clue that he has seen things in his life’s work as a forensic scientist that most people only see fictionalized in network cop shows. He has walked and talked with the dead, trying to figure out whose shoes stepped where when no one was watching.  He finds clues in the cracks where murderers neglect to clean. He finds palm prints and fingerprints on walls that thieves don’t remember touching. He has seen what they have done with a carving knife to human flesh and knows how to prove which knife did the cutting.

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