Thursday, August 12, 2010

“I am looking at… and go for a full ten minutes.” Natalie Goldberg Old Friend from Far Away

I am looking at the antique lamp in my office that was once on my father’s desk. The rings of walnut carved wood around the stem and the glass-grooved base complement one another. I can tell that my mother picked out this lamp. It is almost flower-like in form and style but hidden in the guise of function, wood and glass.  The lampshade is not the original and doesn’t fit perfectly. I am sure my mother would have found a better fit. I am approaching 40 but still don’t give a damn about lampshades. Being surrounded by fine furniture and antiques growing up, I am not impressed with furniture these days. Things are made so cheaply. This wooden lamp could be used to whack someone over the head with and then it would remain in perfect condition to put back on my desk. Well, minus the lampshade.

I have a fancy new energy saving daylight-balanced bulb in the lamp. It glows a strange cool blue color that makes it look like I am growing marijuana up here on the second floor of this old grey-stone in Wicker Park. These daylight bulbs are a saving grace in February when you are convinced that somehow someone moved you to Alaska in your sleep and the days are shorter than a good nap.

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