Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I remember… in the Joe Brainard style or as Natalie Goldberg suggests:
“Give me a memory of your mother, aunt or grandmother. For example, “I remember my aunt Gladys…”

I remember my grandmother Serena’s obsession with the color purple. Not any purple but pastel lavender. Her favorite dress had purple violet blooms on it; her favorite reclining-rocker chair had a purple throw blanket draped over it. I don’t have many memories of her wearing anything other than purple. She even had purple polyester pants. The bathroom had small floral shaped purple soaps that my sister and I were not supposed to use. But I couldn’t resist, I washed and washed until the flower shape became a purple lathered orb.

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  1. I remember my grandmother's strong arms, huge hips, bear hugs and wet kisses. She loved to cook and made wonderful cakes and cookies with her wooden spoon and big red cast iron mixing bowl. She'd beat the daylights out of anything brave enough to get in that bowl. She was a human mixer!