Sunday, August 15, 2010

“Learn how to write without restraint. If you want to write believable fiction, you will have to cross over the line of your self-restraint and revel the words and ideas that you would never express in your everyday life.”  Walter Mosley This Year You Write Your Novel

An obese woman boarded the CTA train and since Miller was skinny there was a 50/50 chance that this woman would sit in the open seat next to her. Miller thought to herself, “fat people should sit with fat people, I should not be subjected to having some stranger’s blubber touching me.” The approaching woman’s calf fat was rolling over onto her ankles. Miller abruptly got up three stops before she needed to, so the woman’s fatty thighs didn’t pressed up against hers in the plastic side by side seats designed only with enough individual space for a normal sized person to sit straight up perfectly still for the duration of their train ride. Miller felt a twinge of guilt at her disgust for fat.

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