Thursday, September 23, 2010

In one short paragraph, tell me about yourself, and then in a similar fashion tell me about your main character in third person.

I am a writer that has been working on the same novel for eight years. This may be determination and commitment to writing one great novel or sheer cowardice on my part to put the story out into the world. Either way, I keep working on it. I have rewritten the ending over a dozen times. I have changed all the character's names several times. Instead of finishing, I started my own business, volunteered long hours with community organizations and started ghost writing a memoir. Recently, I have gone back to school for editing. I must say after ten years in the photography business, editing feels like a better fit. I have approached it like learning science. I see words on a page differently; they have become formulas that need the correct arrangements. I am obsessed with the comma.

Miller has been trying to solve the world's problems through the lens of her camera. Her determination to show the world horrific images of injustice landed her in therapy. Regardless of her own wellbeing, she continues to go to war zones and cover stories that end up hidden in the back section of world news. She is currently in the Congo covering the civil war. She is obsessed with photographing mass graves.

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