Sunday, September 5, 2010

“I want you to write about a time you got lost.” 
Louise Doughty, A Novel in a Year

I was driving at night without a map around the outskirts of Charlevoix, Michigan. I was looking for the cabin I had rented. It being my first night in the Northern Michigan town, I closely followed my friend’s car to the small lakeside cabin. The following night, I hadn’t written down directions, but figured it would be easy to find. With no streetlights and no major landmarks, I got lost. I had no cell service and I panicked. I turned around several times looking for something that looked familiar. Everything looked familiar. Each turn seemed to be the right one. I ended up back where I had stopped the first time. Finally, cell service bars appeared long enough for me to get directions, then the connection went dead. I found my cabin with a deer waiting in my parking spot.

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