Tuesday, October 12, 2010

List ten things you remember about the month of October and being surrounded by farmland and a national forest.

Tall looming trees across the open field
The smell of rotting leaves
The boisterous crunch of drying grass under my feet
A cool approaching winter breeze picking up speed across the open landscape
Roadside pumpkin stands
The cafe's sign advertising hot cider
A river not in my sight but a faint hiss of moving water
The smell of a distant fireplace burning fresh-cut wood
The wide-open crimson sky at dusk
Silence on a dirt road, interrupted by nervous conversation

1 comment:

  1. fish jumping in the distance, the sound carrying in the emptiness

    sound of the tall grass rustling, waiting for a promising new life as tumbleweed

    sunshine hitting the dead grass, lighting the field fiery gold, at magic hour

    silhouetted grass against pale blue sky while lying on the ground

    tripping over the woodchuck mounds, dirt starting to freeze and harden

    cold smell of drying wood and grass intermingles with a cigarette

    waxy lip balm smell from the one next to you

    cold air caressing the hair floating around an through the knit wool cap

    the casualness of the meandering deer

    moonlight turning the whole golden field a cold pale grey