Thursday, March 10, 2011

Write something that includes one-way dialogue with the main character. Make the reader visualize what he or she is doing instead of talking.

Alan pulled up outside the plastic hospital. I heard the gurgling diesel engine, but still did not move. Without speaking, Alan grabbed my elbow and pulled me to my feet. The receiver resting in my lap hit the floor, but Alan just disregarded it.
Once outside Alan said, “What is going on, there are messages for you all over this country? Let’s get you out of here. No bitching about how much you hate the open truck on these dusty roads, there is no time to close it up. Get in.” I only mustered up the energy to slowly move, I could not speak or raise my eyes from the dirt my shuffle was kicking up.

Alan swung the passenger door open scooting me along as I silently and mechanically entered the truck. Alan slammed my door shut, ran to the other side, rolling the truck in gear before he closed his door.

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  1. Finish it! Been waiting a long time to read it.
    Love, Mom